About us

Who is Pacific?

Pacific Underwriting is part of the SLE Group, an Australian based managing general underwriter that has been operating in Australia since 1994 and is capable of writing business in Australia, New Zealand and parts of South East Asia.

Who are we owned by?

We are proud to be a member of Chaucer, a leading international specialty insurance group headquartered in London.

What Do We Do?

Pacific Underwriting is a commercial / industrial managing general underwriter acting on behalf of Australian Licensed Insurers and Lloyd’s Syndicates.

A company whose underwriting, claims and risk management teams have years of experience underwriting these risks in the Australian market.

An organisation with a dedicated service team capable of providing professional and efficient review of all queries that come to us from all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

An organisation that underwrites property & casualty business and provides a pro-active risk management and claims handling philosophy that provides you with the competitive advantage of dealing with a “one-stop shop” for the insurance needs of your clients.

What security do we provide?

Pacific Underwriting provides clients with a strong financial security as every Lloyd’s policy is currently supported by an A (excellent) rating from A.M. Best, A+ (strong) rating from Standard & Poor’s and AA- (very strong) rating from Fitch Ratings. We also write on behalf of a number of Australian Licensed Insurers with financial security of A+ or better.

What Do We Offer?

Our strength and expertise lies in our ability to offer a “one-stop shop” to underwrite complex business and design unique schemes and programmes where required. Our ability to provide underwriting, administration, claims handling and risk management all in one location supports the depth of our knowledge and our commitment to the risks that we underwrite. We provide direct access to decision makers in both underwriting and claims areas allowing complex problems to be resolved using the experience of our staff.

The insurers we represent offer you A+ rated security and a level of flexibility that provides tremendous coverage capabilities.